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Reinstatement Work

We are providing various types of reinstatement work personal or businesses. Be it HDB shop reinstatement, retail shop reinstatement, restaurant reinstatement, office reinstatement, warehouse reinstatement to factory reinstatement.

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Dismantling Work

Quick dismantling of your built in items and disposal of unwanted fixtures easily.

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Tiling and Wet Work

Get your tiling work installation for your new and existing floor or wall to get a new look.

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Building and Construction

Do enquiry of Fire rated wall, fire rating work and other builder work that need it for your premises.


Design your Kitchen

Design Your Kitchen
Most of home owner will have a kitchen or at least have a pantry in part of the premises. Design a kitchen that functioning and yet suit you most is essential, especially you need to spend most of […]

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Office Drywall Partition

Most of the drywall partition in the office use can be range from 75 mm thk to 200 mm thk and with the galvanised steel profiles as its framework structure, the wall is strong, stable and sound insulated to meet […]

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