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Design & Renovate your Living Room

Think about design and renovate your Living Room ?

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There are many design ideas can be reference to by walking to the show flats, show room from the interior design, road shows and even asking google – images.

However, the design may not 100 % fit or suitable to your home and house due to the size constraint, existing themes, furniture’s etc.

Engage Interior Designer

By engage an interior designer may ease your headaches, but it should not create another issues when your final products may not delivery what you are expecting too. List down your ideas, expectation, preferred themes, preferred schemes, existing furniture to be retained, usages of the space, storage space and display items to be done and highlighted within the room. You may consider to have a picture wall to light up the house.

Engage Builder Designer

As a home owner, it is still advisable to know what is your needs, renovation themes, favorable design and allow the designer/ builders to propose and view the sample before proceed. A good designer and builder will highlight the constraint, and best advise on the home layout ideas and handle all the “dirty & ugly” work and you will just sit tight and enjoy the final product.

Do some home work and communicate more with your designer and builder to ensure smooth process to renovate your dream Living room.










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