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New Look for your Home during Festive Season

New Look for Your Home During Festive Season

A lot of home owners are thinking to give a fresh look to relative and friends before coming festive season ( Christmas and Chinese New Year)

How long the time needed for a renovation and new dressing for the house?

It is depend. It can be done from minimum one month to one years of preparation and depend on the extensive of the construction required.

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If you have only one month period prior the coming Christmas, you have the following options do some dressing up as such:

1. Change of built in cabinets for kitchen, wardrobe etc.

2. Repainting the house, part of the wall etc.

3. Consider Wall paper and create some feature wall

4. Change sanitary wares and fittings

5. Change of new doors and grill installation.

6. Curtain Installation etc.

7. Change of new furniture

However, a fast decision of your selection of fittings, colour scheme and design is required as the normal fabrication of customize carpentry work is needed minimum two weeks during peak period as such. No-no for those work involve hacking, demolition, required/ add new structure and  extensive wet works.

You also can consider to carry out partial renovation and continue the remaining after the Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Discuss with your builders and find the best solution and option suit your needs today.

New Look for your Home during Festive Season

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