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Preventing Fire and Gas Hazards at Home

The house is build for our loved one and it is important to ensure our home are safe and comfort to stay at all time. However, we do require to aware of some risk and take steps to protect our family and minimize fire and gas hazards at home.

Fire and Gas Hazards

fire hazard_renovation4homeThere all many reported case of fire outbreak in Singapore and caused the fire outbreak and not only cause the loss of property but also take away life in some case. If you happen witnessed and experience the outbreak, the devastation that results and physical and mental will be deeply seed in your mind.

There are many ways can cause the fire, do name the few of followings.

1. Caused by electrical overloaded and faulty electrical appliances

  • Overloaded electrical outletsElectrical overloaded_renovation4home
  • damaged cable and wires
  • faulty electrical appliances and caused  the short circuiting
  • appliances left on
  • undersized electrical outlet and used for heavy duty appliances
  • without circuit breaker
  • broken or fray electrical cord
  • use multiple extension cord from single electrical outlet. ( Extension cord is for temporary measure)

2. Caused by  Gas Leak

  • gas leak from the pipe or stove can easily ignite and cause explosion

3. Caused by flammable material

  • falling candle to combustible material
  • store flammable liquids or material and ignite open flame ( such as match, cigarette, pilot light)

Consideration for Kitchen & Storage Room

To minimize the risk of fire, the kitchen and storage area shall be carefully considered and properly compartmented.

  • The escape route for kitchen & storage room shall not be obstructed by material and the distance of kitchen and storage/ rubbish cute area must in some safe distance.
  • All the heavy electrical appliances such as Oven, heater, deep flyer, microwave shall consider use a min. 15Amp power socket ( or depend on manufacture’s recommendation)  instead of normal 13Amp power socket.
  •  Stop valve for the gas pipe and detector shall be installed and regular check.  Indicator to show the flow of gas.
  • If you are using city gas, the pipes shall installed by licensed gas installer and when connected to the gas stove and fitted. If you are using LPG ( liquefied petroleum gas) cylinder, choose the authorized dealers and the cylinder shall in upright position and the hose shall check if there is damage from time to time. Do not store extra and keep any empty gas cylinder at home. ( Space is precious too !)
  • Install exhaust hob and ensure kitchen is well ventilated while cooking.
  • Consider to install door for the kitchen to separate it from living or nearby storage room. Install fire rated door if possible.
  • Separate the storage room for the flammable liquids/ material with combustible goods.  Gasoline, oil, paint thinner, acetone, cleaning products, solvent are high flammable material and shall separated from papers, clothing, other combustible goods in store.
  • Place fire extinguisher outside the kitchen and storage room and shall regular check and maintains.

Fire and gas hazard prevention shall be main priority and to be emergency ready and briefed by all members. All home members shall aware and know what to do in case of fire.

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