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Know types of Paint before Painting

There are many types of paint available before you step in into hardware shop to purchase any paint. Therefore, there is worth considering the choice of paint carefully which may affect the results of finish and the period of paint can last.

know type of paint before painting

Types of Paint

1. Water Base Paint or Latext Paint

Most of water-based paint are suit to paint walls and floors as it is easy to use especially in large surface area either by rollers and brushes.

Most of internal paint finish is used water base paint and use Primer (which is oil based) as a based coat to enhance the durability and lasting of the paint. Wood and metal paint are now can be used water-based paint too as it is easier to use and kinder to the environment.

Primer coat is usually used when there is existing old paint to cover up or the surface is untreated that are being painted for the first time. Two coat of finishing coat for the selected paint to achieve the final product.

2. Oil-based paint or Acrylics Paint

The oil-based paints are most used for exterior surface or in wood/metal surface. The adhesion characteristics to form a film to get a tight grip on the surface. In some cases when to apply new paint to existing many layers of old paint, oil-based paint will be preferred to any exterior or interior of such surface.

The best practice shall apply first cost of primer and follow of layer of oil-based paint when apply to untreated or new wall/ new timer or metal surface.

Do take note that application of oil-based paint is more difficult to roll and clean up if compare with water-based paints. It is also taking longer time to dry in order to apply the second coat.

Ask your contractor or painter for the advise when selecting the paint for your house painting. It should not use one type of paint for all type of surface, you may ask the paint shop to supply the same colour of paint but different type of water/ oil-based type.

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