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Bricklayer or BlockLayer


Need a bricklayer to erect a new brick or block wall for your building ? Every building in Singapore at least need a bricklayer and blocklayer to erect the brick wall for the building. Most of wall in building are form either from brick/blockwall or drywall, this is a most common trade worker required. And this masonry work is required  trained craftsman and experience to construct the blockwall and other form is masonry wall.

Bricklayer for Masonry Wall

The common clay brick wall and sand block is widely used in the Singapore construction. However, there are more than just clay brick wall or concrete block wall which is thanks to the innovative and technology to save time and material.

  • brick wall ( clay type)
  • celcon block wall ( light weight concrete block)
  • Fair face brick
  • hollow block
  • sand block
  • glass block
  • CMU ( concrete masonry wall) or concrete block
  • pre-cast wall

The different types of block wall may play important roles when stability, strength and fire rating is in question. The CMU and pre-cast wall has been widely used to replace concrete wall ( RC wall which is heavy and required reinforcement bar and take longer time to build) to achieve the same fire rating or compliance to fire compartment.

Structure Wall & Elements

The block is act as structure elements for the building. It is start from the setting out, construct concrete kerb, placing damp proofing membrane, flashing or mesh to laying of block from layer to layer. The finishing of block wall can be either done with pointing or follow with plastering or skim coat.

The block wall can be built in fair face wall or CMU where save in plastering or rendering. You can just carry out direct painting to the block wall.

Light weight concrete block or pre-fabricated wall panelling ( pre-fab) will be used when don’t want to increase additional load to the existing structure. The block is light in weight and very handy and easy to install, although the cost is more expensive compare with the conventional clay brick.

The pre-fab wall is commonly used in industrial large scale building and HDB/ condominium when the shape and size of wall are typical.

Ask your builder to determine the type of wall to be built or to be hacked as the construction method and function may be different to suit different need.

Experience Make a Difference

There are many good practice and detail to be followed therefore the experience and responsibility bricklayer or blocklayer is important to avoid and defect in near future.

  • the construction of bricklaying is up to maximum height per day
  • installation of lintels and stiffeners
  • placing dpc membrane
  • install wire mesh at sufficient course for mortar bonding
  • grouting of CMU or pre-cast wall for full grout wall ( or fire rated purposes)
  • cement ratio of mortar etc.

With quality control and follow good practice is a must to be a good bricklayer or blocklayer.

Our company offer a trained workers and supervisor to under take any big and small job to ensure the quality control is well maintained. We can advise and undertake any design and endorsement with Professional Engineer ( if required) for structure wall to be build or wall beyond certain height and limit.

Need a Bricklayer or Blocklayer for your Project or house?

Call us today if you are looking for bricklayer for your renovation or project. We welcome new build or repair of brickwall. Our bricklayers will give a good shape of your building.

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