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Repair Spalling Concrete

Spalling concrete and deterioration of reinforced concrete structure slab or wall is always very annoying and eyesore for a lot of building owner. If leave it alone, it can be life threatening and endanger the occupants too.

repair spalling concrete wall-ceiling-floor or slab

The concrete structure defects normally found on water seepage or moisture issues and causes the reinforcement bars to rush and expand. Other factors that cause the problems are excessive impact, loads, or as a thermal response from the salts within the concrete itself.

 The spalling effects ( delamination, flacking or chipping) is due to the extra space required for the rush and affect the surrounding concrete break away or spall. Some people describe it as concrete cancer where the spalling of concrete may spread from one point to the other if leave it untreated.

Spalling Concrete Treatment & Repair Method

There is a solution to treat the deteriorated reinforced concrete and prevent the severity of the concrete damages and caused falling objects and danger to the occupants.

The remedial work is to removed all the unsound concrete, expose the deteriorated reinforcement bar, clean and replaced the reinforcement or treat it properly. Find the root cause of the sources and stop the leakages or water seepage issues of the slab or wall before repair.  In some cases, the slab or wall on the other sides might need to be waterproofed or PU injection to stop any source of water.

After the treatment to the reinforcement bars, the concrete profile can be either filled up with cement mortar, non-shrink grout cement by injection. The other hairline cracks can be repaired using suitable epoxy resins.

repair deteriorated reinforced concrete rebar

Is Spalling Concrete Serious ?

The issues of spalling can be a minor if treated it in early stage with just requiring cosmetic repair. There are also cases the spalling concrete turn into serious and affect the structural integrity which is required exposing the reinforcing, reinforced with new rebar or add additional support if the existing structure become weaken. Professional Engineer may need to be involved to check and recommend the repair solution and ensure the building structure integrity is not compromise and safe to occupant.

Every cases of concrete spalling issues are different from case to case and advise a site investigation in order to propose a better treatment solution.

We Inspect, Diagnosis & Repair

If your building having problem of spalling concrete issues to ceiling, wall or slab? Call us for site inspection and propose a remedial solution to get rid of the eyesore.

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