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Dismantling Work Services

Looking for general contractor to carry out dismantling work and disposal services for your premises to hand over your unit and house? Or just to dismantle some fixtures to enlarge your layout? Tell us your request, we may help you that.

You may have existing simple drywall partition, office system partition, some built it cabinets and storage rack, false ceiling etc install in the lease unit, but in need to engage someone to just dismantle the temporary fixtures, partition in order to hand over it to your landlord in original condition.

In some cases, the mover is not able to dismantle your temporary fixtures for re installation to your new premises,we can assist in dismantle it so that you can reinstall it in new location.

How about removal of old built in cabinets and plan to change a new fixtures for your Living or bedrooms? We can assist to dismantle the existing old built in fixtures and make clear for your new furniture.

We can help you that on almost dismantling and removal everything related to the temporary building fixture.

dismantle work

Dismantling & Disposal Everything

We can provide the dismantling work services base on day work basic and provide assist you to just dismantle it for your mover to relocate to your need office or premises. We have a solution to dismantling everything related to the building, and special arrangement if there is equipment and instrumentation on case to case basic.

What are we commonly dismantle the following :

  • dismantle system furniture
  • dismantle built in Cabinet
  • dismantle Storage rack
  • dismantle electrical cables, light fittings
  • dismantle air-conditioning and exhaust
  • dismantle doors, windows and glazing
  • dismantle Ceiling panels
  • dismantle floor carpets, tiles, vinyl
  • Etc.

Making good existing

In our quotation of dismantling and disposal of existing partition or temporary fix features, the making good of existing ceiling/ wall/ floor finishes will not be included unless it is discussed and quoted. Do bear in mind that the interfacing finishes to the dismantling work will be compromise or damages, you may need to arrange for plastering work, re-painting work  or re-do the floor finishes or relocation of existing M& E works.

Reinstatement Work 

As for reinstatement cost such as repainting work and making good the floor and wall finishes, it can be quote separately, but the work is carry out in one operation and help you on handing over your premises and building in proper shape.

Ready to Talk ?

Tell us your requirement, our quotation will always based on dismantling service for non-structure, non M&E works and special features without site visit or inspection. Separate quote for covered or unforeseeable items or relocation of M&E services can be arranged when on-site discussion. If in the process of dismantling work, we found out that exitsing fixtures are involved some structure work, hidden services, we may seek your advise and get some other trade specialist or approval to continue the work. All the other associate cost may be bill separately for unforeseen work.

There is no too small or too big job for us. If we have capacity, we will always serve our client with free on-site non-obligation quote. Contact us today.


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Dismantle Work  Services

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