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Waterproofing – Contractor

Do your property facing leakage issues? or Looking waterproofing specialist for new work or additional renovation work? The waterproofing should perform the function and why the problem of leak/ dampness or even water stain mark has caused you the headache of the finishes damages, affect the aesthetic and appearance view for the  building or house. Wrong choice of system and applicator may cause the leakage issue in future.

As we are the experience builder, and a  waterproofing applicator, we understand how important the effective waterproofing system, the crucial of  quality workmanship and in-depth of technical knowledge and detail to form the part of effective solution.

We serve various type of client ( from building owner, contractor, developer to property manager) and handle all types of project,  such as new build, toilet repair, facade cladding water leak, RC wall water seepage to trouble shoot RC flat roof waterproofing damages, restoration and reinstatement of building, removal of existing waterproofing membrane or system etc.

Waterproofing and repair contractor

The common waterproofing issues:

  • water leakages from the toilets, wet area etc.
  • Swimming pools water seepage
  • retaining wall leakages or underground structure water seepage from the ground water
  • tracing the water dampness to the plaster wall, RC structures that caused damages to the wall or floor finishes
  • ceiling leakages from the roof
  • aluminium cladding leakages due to the failure of defective sealant
  • water seepages from the wall and caused the hair line crack to the wall or ceiling

The process of trouble shooting and tracing for the source of water may depend on the complexity of the structures and constraint. Therefore, a experience and in-depth knowledge for various type of construction detail are required. The best part of our team is we not only trace the root cause, proposed a remedial solution and be able to repair or make good the work. We had wide connection of trade contractors and in-house worker to make good from plastering, tiling, cladding work, false ceiling to roofing work. Of course, we will also work closely with your domestic contractor or specialist to solve your water leakage issues.

Type of Waterproofing Solution :

  • Water-apply or cementitious waterproofing
  • Membrane type or concrete deck built up waterproofing system
  • Epoxy or acrylic waterproofing system
  • Underground waterproofing
  • PU injection chemical
  • Various type PU sealant for roofing, cladding or flooring

Guarantee or warranty of Waterproofing Work

All our works will provide manufacturing and workmanship warranty depend on the job and solution being applied. The detail and extend of waterproofing guarantee or warranty will be discussed before work start.

Are you In Need for Waterproofing Contractor ?

Call us for no obligation site visit and free quotation. Treat your property with collect waterproofing system and handle by experience waterproofing contractor.

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