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Shower Screen Glass

Bathroom Shower Screen Glass

The bathroom is one of home improvement project must have whether you are buying new BTO ( Build-to-order) or resale properties. To add a shower screen is become an essential to keep bathroom dry by adding a shower screen compartment.

fixed tempered glass shower glass

Type of Shower Screen

There are a few common shower screen glass for shower for the choice to suite all type of bathroom layout.

  • Frameless Shower screen
  • Semi-frameless shower screen
  • Framed shower screen
  • Fixed tempered glass panel

Every shower screen can be customised made to suit every type of bathroom layout and requirement. However, there are some preference design to suite each type of layout to provide aesthetic and do not compromise the safety. Minimum 10 mm thick tempered glass is recommended or have a choice of tempered-laminated glass for better safety.

If your bathroom is not re-build, you may opt in with construct shower kerb and install the shower screen on aluminium channel or supported by stainless steel rod/ bracket. For new construction of bathroom with change of wall/floor tiles, you can embed the channel and construct a frameless shower screen glass compartment.

shower screen sliding door glass door

Swing or Sliding Shower Glass Door

Depend on your bathroom space and layout, you may maximise the space by using sliding shower glass door in semi-frame or framed type. The most common type is swing door with various type of stainless steel glass handle for choice.

Type of shower screen ironmongeries can be ranged from budget to high end accessories. We always provide most reliable and quality shower screen hardware unless special request from client on particular brand ( eg. Dorma).

Why Us

We have a team of experienced installer and work hand in hand with local reputable glass manufacture and hardware supplier. We believe in provide best consultation service and fabricate on-demand order to provide saving for our client.

What us different is we are not only expert on the shower screen installation, we also specialist on tiling work and re-construction of all your bathroom needs. We able to provide seamless coordination and taking care of the other construction detail.

Need some advice and get a quote for your shower screen need? Call us for our best rate.

We dare to compare and provide guarantee for all the shower screen for 1 year.

Shower Screen Singapore

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