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Plastering & Rendering Contractor

Plastering & Rendering

Need a plastering or rendering work contractor for your property or upcoming project? We have the skillful plasterer to perform all kind of wet work related plastering and rendering work to internal and external wall. Plastering to wall and ceiling or rendering to floor ( cement screed, self leveling etc) is basically part of wet work activity.

The application of the type of plastering work can be apply to Reinforcement concrete wall, blockwall, CMU, pre-cast wall and sand block methods. The new or old plastering such as reinstatement work, making good existing wall and repair damages or add particular new wall or structures. We are using 3-in-one cement pack cement render which provide more quality control, neat and easy to handle on various construction work.

Even a HDB work is basically using pre-cast wall ( pre – fab wall) , however, the skim coat is still required to provide smooth surface before apply the paint. Other than skim coat, our plaster also be able to provide putty work to the completed wall to cover the unevenness or scratch  marks of the wall finishes.

Plastering & rendering

Existing Wall or Ceiling need to be replastered?

You may just bought your new house or office that where the existing wall or ceiling is full of uneven surface, hair line, scratches, damages by others, or dismantled the temporary fixtures that need it to be replastered. For the poor workmanship of existing plastering, in most of cases it can be re-plastered provided the existing wall is not de-bonded or hollow. If there is any damages, spalling concrete or water seepage issues, it should be treated separately prior the exercise of plastering work. You may ask us for inspection and determine the suitability of the wall before start work.

Cement Screeding Work

In some cases you may need your floor to be cement screed such as re-do your existing flooring to receive timber flooring, vinyl or carpet flooring. Of course, the existing finishes and backing screed need to be removed prior new cement flooring to be done. Bare cement screed is to receive new flooring or trowel smooth cement screed if you intend to have industrial look, both application are different.

In conventional way, the cement screed is used concrete sand mixture with OPC (ordinary Portland cement), however, in recent regulation from HDB, only pre-pack cement render can be used on cement flooring or topping up screed. There are two type of comment pre-pack cement screed to be used, normal 2 in 1 or waterproof cement render for wet area.  If you can to topping up screed more than 100 mm thk, HDB or some PE will require to use light weight concrete or cement instead of normal cement render. Find out more from us if need any assistance.

Example of pre-pack cement screed such us Davco Floor screed Eco.

Good Practising Plastering and Rendering Method

Our plasterer is always follow good practising method start from surface preparation, install level peg, levelling checking, wetting the block wall and install mesh on structure interfacing, install corner beads when carry out the plastering work. The small details and sequence of plastering from one quote to second quote and properly taking care of curing process can minimise many defects work such as hairline crack, hollowness and unevenness when it is complete.

Our assurance of the plastering and rendering work sequence for existing building:

  • We check the site condition and advise on the best method of the plastering and rendering methodology
  • Check the hollowness and establish the extend of repair and making good
  • Provide samples of products to be used, information and the cost of the quotation
  • Discuss the work schedule and preparation work required such as scaffolding and scissor lifts when working at height.
  • Delivery of material and store it correctly before work start
  • Carry out protection of the existing work and finishes.
  • Follow good practise of plastering and rendering method
  • Cleaning and housekeeping after works.
  • Handover inspection and touch up if there is necessary

Need a Plasterer or Contractor ?

Drop us a line for any work within Singapore and give all the cement and mortar and we help you to smoothen the wall or ceiling. If you need the wall or ceiling to be painted finishes, just let us know.

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Plastering & Rendering

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