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Drywall Partition Installation

Drywall Partition

Looking for New Drywall Partition for your office, house or shop?

Many reasons we may need to install drywall partition wall instead of conventional block wall or brickwall with plastering finishes :

  • Addition and alteration of existing wall on the complete building.
  • Need light weight wall partition that provide equally fire rated and sound insulation like block wall.
  • new fast and clean wall construction.
  • need the wall partition that be able to open for glazing, form a feature wall etc.
  • temporary wall that fixed for function, exhibition and for short period.

The drywall partition are widely used for all kind of construction and building, be it house, office, warehouse, shop, retail unit, restaurant and event function and thanks for the light and clean construction method.

Drywall Partition can be form to a wall, ceiling, floor, feature and even a box up. The thickness of the drywall partition can be range from 75 mm to 200 mm thk depend on the fire rating requirement, waterproofing requirement and acoustic feature required.

The drywall partition is normally constructed with aluminium C-channel to form the frame and fixed with the board. In cases when the wall is high and required strengthening, hollow section will be used to reinforced the wall on top with the system.

drywall partition

Type of Drywall Partition

There are basically classified the drywall partition lining into :

  • normal drywall partition using gypsum board
  • fire rated drywall partition range from 1 hour to 4 hour by using calcium silicate board or cement board
  • water resistant drywall partition for wet area or subject to high moisture condition.
  • Drywall partition and infill with sound insulation material

What we offer for Drywall Partition

We are providing new installation, alteration and modification or repair of drywall partition that suit your needs. Of course, our skill worker is able to do any work related to drywall, ceiling board, false ceiling and fire rated wall on all kind of building.

As for house drywall partition requirement, it usually opt for this option to create a additional room on the dining/ living area. If you are thinking to have better insulation either for your bedroom/ study room or your meeting room, rockwool will be added into the sandwiched board or add additional acoustic property such as green glue to improve the sound insulation. Do consider the acoustic or solid door instead of hollow core door when the sound insulation is your concern.

Repair and Strengthening Drywall Partition

You may face many reasons when your existing drywall partition is not firm as before, damages or flimsy that required repair or replace. Call us to diagnose the root cause and be able to fix it if it is still sound.  In some cases, you may just cut and replace the board the damages, remove damages C-channel and replace new channel or change a harder board to resist any impact so that pro-long the life span of the wall. We can advise it.

We Install, Fix & Paint

On top installation of drywall partition, we do fix the doors, glass panel, fixtures to be installed on the drywall ( by strengthening the wall) and complete the paint to the drywall finishes if required. Let us do all the dirty work and hand over you with new drywall partition.

If you need existing wall to be modified and shifted, we can take care of wall construction and M&E relocation too.

Need to Talk to Someone?

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Drywall Partition

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