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Painting Services

Paint Contractor for major Painting Services

We are highly experienced residential and commercial paint contractor that providing painting and repainting services in all the area of Singapore. We are commonly undertake projects such as:

  • HDB- new painting, reinstatement and repainting work
  • Apartment & condominium
  • Semi-D and bungalows  – Whole house or exterior painting
  • Commercial –  new office, reinstatement painting and maintenance work
  • Industrial building – refurbishment, new and repainting work
  • government project – Linkway, school, LTA etc.

painting contractor

What we Offer for Painting Work :

With many years of experience in industry, we can offer helpful consultation about colour scheme , type of paint to be used, advise on the suitability of painting work etc.

Interior Painting

All types of interior painting from door & windows, grilles, ceiling, wall to floor painting and regardless of size of project, we accept and work closely with client within any budget.

Selection and quality of paints will always choose from the preference of the client ( match existing or recommend famous brand in Singapore market- Nippon & ICI). Quality paint can provide good protection and lasting of the appearance on top of good skills can be easy last more than 5 years except wear and tears.

We fully understand the precise time of the client, we have resources to complete repainting of standard HDB – 5 rooms apartment within 3 days or less.  We will provide accurate estimation and projection of schedule so that putting the least inconvenience for the house owner. The price for the painting job on vacate unit and with furniture is different and subject to site inspection.

Our operation teams are fully trained, experience and carry valid work permit in Singapore. We condemn employ of illegal worker or moonlighting workers that provide ad-hoc services where always provide sub-standard workmanship and putting the client at risks.

Proper method statement and risk assessment before the work start and ensure works are carried out in safe and proper manner, making neatness a priority and provide necessary protection of the property at all time.

Exterior Painting

We provide same quality and workmanship standard to delivers the exterior painting as compare with interior painting. We have all kinds of experienced working on bungalows house, terrace, old shop houses, schools to new exterior commercial buildings.

Proper working platform, scaffoldings to access high and constraint exterior painting work is a always a challenge and we are well handle with various types of conditions.

Removing existing paint, cleaning and preparation for the exterior paint work is crucial to provide a best workmanship and paint warranty of the work. We will identify the existing conditions ( resolve the root cause) and advise any necessary remedial work to provide the quality and finished product for our client.

We are not purely a contractor that provide the painting work, we always provide consultation and solutions for all kind of renovation issues with client. The best construction partner you can trust!


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