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Reinstatement Services

Reinstatement Services

Plan a Reinstatement Services for your Premises?

When the lease period is end and you are looking for someone to reinstate your premises to the original condition and hand over to your client, you need some one is able to provide total solution for not just to dismantle, demolish, but having quick response on rebuilt it with reasonable standard.

reinstatement services

Reinstatement and Restoration Services

The common reinstatement services may include such as below:

  • Hacking and demolition of all drywall and block wall
  • Removal or reinstatement of partition and ceiling
  • Termination and reinstatement of air conditioning ( ACMV), lighting, telephone, sprinkle pipes
  • Removal of temporary reinforced structure, steel structure or light weight structure
  • Removal of floor and wall finishes and reinstatement
  • Removal of glazing, window and doors
  • Hoarding and protection
  • Making good floor and wall finishes
  • Painting services

office reinstatement service

We are registered company and contractor in Singapore and we had served many of our clients to reinstate the premises in short period. We understand the important and precious of time for businesses, we always work closely with our client to establish the best solution to delivery the work in 24/7 in some cases.

Our clients :

Why Us?

If you are looking for a contractor that understand the building requirement, standard of reinstatement works, be able to manage the work professionally, with in-house resources for general construction trade, always provide reasonable price, don’t look other and talk to us.

We believe the work shall handle properly from start and be able to work hand in hand with client to resolve all the reinstatement issues for the premises and hassle free for the client.

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Our Recent work:

  • Light Weight Factory, Loyang Street
  • Retail Shop, 112 katong, East Coast road
  • HDB Shop, Selegie Road


Reinstatement Services

Do you require moving services for your office or house reinstatement? Call us to arrange our friendly Mover Partner to provide you on-obligation quote.

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