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Office Reinstatement

Office Reinstatement Work

Office Lease is Expired? Relocation to new Office ?

This is always the rushing hour to shift out your office when the lease is to expire and need to hand over to the landlord. In the tenancy agreement or contract, most of tenant is required to reinstate the place as it is or original condition when hand over back.

The commonly reinstatement agreement is for commercial building, retail shops, office space, industrial space and also rent the empty land from the JTC. The tenant is responsible to remove and clear to the renovation work, temporary fixtures to the original as agreed unless otherwise agreed.

We are specialise in office reinstatement in fast and short period :

  • removal of ceiling & drywall partition
  • removal of floor finishes, carpet, tiles finishes
  • hacking away block wall, vanity, or any structure works
  • termination and remove wiring, light fitting, power points etc.
  • Terminate and relocate plumbing and sanitary work
  • remove office furniture and chairs
  • remove timber door/ window or glass door/ glazing
  • Removal of curtain and blinds
  • Remove of air-conditioning or mechanical ventilationoffice reinstatement work

Despite all the removal, hacking and demolition to reinstate to the original condition, we also be able to make good any damages to existing wall or ceiling as required. Repainting to the wall and ceiling back to the original colour if needed. If there is any fittings, doors or fixture to be fixed back, all this can be arranged and discussed.

How Much the Cost for Office Reinstatement ?

We understand the urgency of clearance the office and reinstatement work that you concern, the cost will be based on the extensive of the removal works involved and reinstatement required. We will provide a quotation after the site inspection and provide a most reasonable quote based on your requirement.

If you are just looking for interior painting work after you have move out the job, we also can provide major painting work with minor touch up for the reinstatement work too.

Let us clear your debris and you pay out labour and disposal cost.

Fast and Reasonable

Time is running fast.  We will help and assist to get the job done even though 24 hours work to rush up for you. We always provide reasonable quote for our client.

You can focus to shift out your office stuff, the reinstatement work rest on us.

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Office Reinstatement Work

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