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Cement Grouting

Cement Grouting

Cement pressure grouting is required and useful when your RC structure is found hollow, debond, air gaps, crack lines, voids in concrete structures or honeycomb found after concrete casting.

By using the pressure grouting machine, the cementitious liquid injected under pressure to flow through the gaps, hairline to fill up the cavity or space in concrete structures. The application of self pour of cement grouting also can be done if the grouting space on the base of plates/ tanks etc which is allowed gravity flow of cement.

When you required cement pressure grouting ?

Especially in additional & alteration works, new RC beams or steel beams will be added to the existing slab for strengthening purposes. The gaps between the two new structures are required to be filled up with concrete cement compactly to ensure load transferring evenly. Besides, all the steel columns base plates, tank bases that required properly resting are also required to be grout properly.

Steel column erection or equipment supports are always installed with a steel plate support where it is required to be fully grouted below in contact with concrete floor. The cement grouting is required to ensure the unreachable area and no air gaps and it is fully grouted with specified graded cement by structure engineer.

Defects work such as hollowness after casting, hollow slab and pre-cast wall( will hollow) which is required to be fully grout also need the cement pressure grouting to infill all the gasp, voids and hollowness within the slab wall.

cement grouting

What We offer

We undertake cement pressure grouting work related to:

  • concrete repair that required cement grouting
  • repair hollowness of the concrete structure
  • filling up voids and gaps on the hollow slab or pre-cast wall
  • grouting the steel columns base plates
  • grouting the gaps of tanks or equipment foundation on the plinth
  • repair the structures work of CD shelter
  • Grouting RC beams, wall or columns in constraint space

We have trained resources and machines to perform cement pressure grouting on all types of project and residential project.

Just provide us the drawings, sketches so that we can follow up with best quote for you.

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Cement Grouting

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