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Wet Trade Work Contractor

We are a general contractor that having specialist team that only under take various kind of Wet trade work project in Singapore. The Wet trade work activities shall include cement screeding, plastering, skim coating, block wall erection, Pre-cast Wall installation, CMU laying to various type of tiling laying ( marble, granite, homogeneous, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, pebble washes, cobble stone etc.)

Type of Project that Involved :

  • Residential houses, hdb, apartment and condominium
  • Commercial and offices
  • Industrial building and warehouses
  • Amenities

Wet Work Contactor

N0 Project is Too Big or Too Small

We accept and under take  project like re-tiling a bathroom, A&A works to terrace house, to bigger scale of a 30 storey office blocks.  our experience works are consist of brick layer, stiffeners and lintels installer, plasterer, screeder and different types of tiler that suite the project needs. Due to limited workforce, if within our allowable capacity, we may undertake base on first come first serve.

A wet trade contractor shall be able to handle all type of block wall, plastering and finishing work for your building needs. Despite the core finishing work he should know, the detailing and interfacing work such as waterproofing, door and windows, plumbing and electrical and ceiling are equally important. A good contractor should be able to advise client on the right sequencing, best practices and preamp t things in advance to avoid any unnecessary abortive work and time lost for the rework. What is the different the experienced wet trade contractor with others? The commitment and knowledge as not all “freelance” tiler or bricklayer know the correct methods and other construction trades activity.

Why opt for specialist of Wet trade work contractor ?

The experience worker or core trade workers that highly trained and specialise in plastering or tiling is making a different when compare with other “general worker” in term of quality, speed and workmanship.

Don’t underestimate the specialist like this wet trade workers when also help to push the overall work progress, where no finishing work can start it other services are incomplete yet. When the wet trade work is in good shape, that’s mean your project is equally good too.

We always looking into productivity and reduces on heavy rely on manpower, therefore, the wet trade work is carried out in pre-pack cement methods and focus on more productivity tools and machineries  to help in daily progress.

Call our sale team and talk to our wet trade work team, we be able to assist in any types of wet work contract and project.


Our Recent Work

Just name a few of our recent project :

  • Four Seasons Park Condominium –  8 Cuscaden Walk
  • HDB Apartment – Block 117, Edgedale Plains, Punggol
  • Retail Shops – IMM Building, Jurong East Street
  • Landed Property – Toh Tuck Crescent

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