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Floor Grinding Service

Floor Grinding Service

Need a contractor help you to  grinding off the flooring finishes ?

Floor Grinding Service

We provide all kind off floor grinding service such as :

  • grinding off existing floor epoxy coating and paint
  • remove off glue stain left over by carpet or vinyl flooring
  • remove uneven cement or concrete finish in less than 5 mm thk to match new floor level
  • polishing the marble/ granite flooring
  • sanding down timber flooring and apply new varnishing paint.
  • reinstate your unit and handover to landlord

Floor Grinding  Service  in Singapore

We provide floor grinding  services for your needs. Job will coordinate in advanced as the work will be involved dusty and nosy work with grinding machinery. The necessary protection and allow for obstruction object to be relocated and removed prior the grinding work.

For the cases of existing office is still under operation, existing room is advised to sealed off, aircon to be closed up to avoid dust and work is advised to work after office hour.


Reinstate the Floor

We are able to provide necessary reinstate the flooring.

If you need us the reinstate the  unit after the floor grinding has been done, it can be arranged , such as:

  • Repainting the wall and ceiling.
  • New laying of vinyl flooring
  • Laying of new cement screed or self leveling compound.

 How to Engage our Service?

  • Make a phone call and talk to us  or send email  to or whatsapp to our hotline.
  • Tell us your location ?
  • Any additional work require to be done after dismantling/ hacking/ disposal? Making good require, do specify if any.
  • Relax and wait for our quotation.
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For other services  than  dismantle and disposal work, do find out our other services.

Floor Grinding Service

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