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Fire Rated Wall Partition

Fire Rated Wall Partition

Normal internal drywall partition is unable to provide minimum 1 hour fire rated compartment wall or partition. If you are looking for some light weight wall, avoid massive or wet work light RC wall or blockwall, drywall fire rated board would be a good selection.

Why Fire Rated wall ?

Where to use :

  • It is easy application for ceiling, roofs and even a floors.
  • It is widely used for wall partition, either internal and external wall
  • interfacing with fire resistance glazing and window
  • sandwich material for doors, fixtures etc.
  • box up for the ducting
  • Act as smoke barriers
  • ventilation area

Hour of Fire rating for the Wall

The fire rating drywall system is required a complete system with the framing, support and insulation  as in accordance with the criteria of BS476 and AS 1530.

  •  1 hour fire rating
  • 1 1/2 fire rating
  • 2 hour fire rating
  • 4 hour fire rating

The construction detail of the fire rating system is depend of each manufacture and tested sample. The thickness of system and height is subjected to individual detail. Do request a copy of approved type fire rated board system before construct.

fire rated wall partition

The steel anchor, steel angle frame, fire stopping compound for the penetration and sealant for the joints will need to used the approved type specified by each and individual system.

Need to Construct a Fire Rated Compartment Wall?

If you are looking contractor to build an approved dry wall for the room, or fire escape passage way, or box up the ducting for the exhaust, or partition up the flammable compound, or sealed up floor to floor, get a experience contractor to advise and installed approved fire rated wall. Despite the design hour rating requirement set by the SCDF, consultants, do remember that the DOC ( Declaration of  Conformity) for the used material and system shall be inspected and witnessed by  right party. Experience installer will handle it all, but the charge for the professional fee will be charged separately.

Customise Fire rating Solution

In a lot cases, the fire rated board system may need to integrate with other system in order to complied with the standard or due to site constraint. Masonry work, fire proofing spray or intumescent paint may need to use together depend on the structure condition. Get an experience contractor like us is the value added.

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Commonly used Fire Rated Board/ Partition/ Membrane System in Singapore :

  • Promat
  • Ingeborg
  • Intumex
  • etc.



Fire Rated Wall Partition

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