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Office Room Dismantle

Office Room Dismantle

Need to reconfigure your office space?

We provide all kind of dismantle, hacking and disposal of your office room :

  • If you need your existing office room to dismantle and reconfigure
  • Dismantle, hacking and disposal off the office rooms ( drywall partition, doors, fixed glass door etc)
  • Dismantle and disposal of built in cabinet, shelving etc.
  • Relocate the affected workstation

Dismantle and Disposal service in Singapore

We provide professional disassembly services right from your office. We can coordinate with you to determine your most convenient time and from there on, we would disassemble .

In some cases, your office room dismantling work may affect by existing services and needed to be terminated and relocated prior the work.

We can assist on relocate it or terminate it to allow the work to be done.

For existing office area that not require dismantling, protection and cover up will be arranged to minimise the impact of the dismantling work. It will be coordinated in earlier for such preparation work.

The dismantle debris will be disposed off site to NEA approved dumping ground. For the cases of substantial debris, construction waste skip bin will be arranged near your premises.

Office Room Dismantle

Reinstate the Office Room

If you need the reinstate the office room after the dismantling work, it can be arranged , such as:

  • Making good and reconstruction of ceiling
  • relocation of fire sprinkle and submission to FSSD ( authority department)
  • Making good the floor finishes such as vinyl, carpet and floor tiles
  • Reconfigure the ceiling lights, affected power points and data points
  • making good wall and repainting work.


How to Engage our Service?

  • Make a phone call to talk to us or  send email to or whatsapp to our hotline.
  • Tell us your location ?
  • Any additional work require to be done after dismantling/ hacking/ disposal? Making good require, do specify if any.
  • Relax and wait for our quotation.
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For other services  than  dismantle and disposal work, do find out our other services.

Office Room Dismantle

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