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Design your Kitchen

Design Your Kitchen

Most of home owner will have a kitchen or at least have a pantry in part of the premises. Design a kitchen that functioning and yet suit you most is essential, especially you need to spend most of your time within the kitchen.

If you are new homeowner, you may need to source an ideas for is your kitchen going to look like.

Many type of kitchen design and themes or functionality may affect your decision base on your needs and budget.

Design your Kitchen

Kitchen Sink

The most commonly using kitchen sink being choose is Stainless Steel. It is durable, not easy to be damaged and unable to fit to all type of kitchen counter top such as wooden cabinet, concrete counter top etc.

You may need to think about whether to choose for single bowl, double bowl and different depth that suit your needs.


Kitchen cabinet will have an option for off the shelve cabinet or custom made built in to measure. Type of counter top ( wooden laminate, solid surface top, quartz/ granite/ marble top, porcelain/ homogeneous top ) is depend on the pricing and your design themes.


Kitchen Table

Due to limited space available in Singapore, a space become crucial and shall carefully plan for. Whether your kitchen is open concept, close concept to be fitted with door for heavy cooking owner will need to welly considered.

  • bar top table at kitchen/ dining space
  • hidden table set within the kitchen cabinet
  • separate dining area with table from kitchen



Storage area in Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet is the place to store all the “barang-barang” and well keep your stuff. The space for your oven, fridge,  dish washer, food preparation table, washing sink, space for utensil, dry foods etc. are essential of the consideration.  List out and maximize your top cabinet if need to.

If you are run out an idea on how you are going to design your kitchen, you can just call your designer or contractor to help you.

If you are clear on what you want and have an ideas or design what you want, you can just call us to help you to turn your ideas into physical kitchen.

Plan to remove your old kitchen ?

Don’t worry, we can help you to remove the old kitchen cabinet/ hacking off all the kitchen wall/ floor tiles and install a new kitchen with complete of floor and wall tiles too. We have dismantle team to provide hacking, dismantling, disposal of old kitchen cabinets, terminate sink, removal of electrical points to remove the tiles.


Need a help ?

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Design Your Kitchen

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