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Office Drywall Partition

Office Drywall Partition

Most of the drywall partition in the office use can be range from 75 mm thk to 200 mm thk and with the galvanised steel profiles as its framework structure, the wall is strong, stable and sound insulated to meet the requirement.

For a low wall partition to just add for divider for the cubicle to cubicle, it can be just a single layer board with only 75 mm thk without insulation.

For the meeting room, the requirement of the wall might need to be acoustic and sound proof for privacy, the wall can be infilled with rockwool insulation ( 40 kg to 80 kg). To increase the acoustic value of the room, it can be installed selected fibre board to increase the sound absorption and the other work to improve the design of the room.

Drywall Material

Gypsum board partition is commonly used in the workplaces for all kind of office construction, meeting room and guess room. It can easily integrated with door, glass window panels, install electrical points from the above ceiling without massive hacking and generate noise or dust if you intend to add on power points.

In combination concept of the office layout when you are looking for maximizing day lighting throughout the office, partition few walls to be used of glazing can allow the open office concept live. However, stay out a wall with drywall partition as divider and fix up your wardrobe or cabinets if needed. The flexibility of the drywall partition is the beautiful when compare to the block wall.

If you are looking for rigid wall and yet to full fill the safety and fire requirement such as 2 hour fire compartment, the drywall partition can do the job too. The drywall partition can easily build up vertically and horizontally depend of the room or walk way size and hide the M&E services in a box. Customise steel frame hanger to support the aluminium c-channel is needed in some cases, but it can be done in all shape. This can not be easily made by conventional block wall.

Office drywall partition basically combine with the false ceiling or suspended ceiling board. Some ceiling design can add a light cove and drop ceiling panel for special light fixtures. Above ceiling level is concealed all the M & E services with nicely selected acoustic ceiling board.

The price of office drywall partition is ranging from $ 5.00 per sf with normal partition  to $ 15 per sf for fire rated wall. As for false ceiling board can be ranging from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 depend on the height of the ceiling and void space and additional support required. For some work will be quoted as lump sum per trip of min. $ 400 onwards.

drywall partition and gypsum ceiling board

To add a colour for the room with just apply whatever emulsion paint colour you want the drywall partition. The gypsum board surface is flat and smooth and easily applicable to all kind of paint finishes with spray or roll painting method. Most of drywall partition contractor or company are be able to construction the drywall together with painting job.

If you need a space planning contractor that undertake the construction, installation and build the drywall partition that comply with singapore local requirement and yet fulfill the need and design with all necessary feature, a reliable and experience drywall partition contractor is important. Shall you turn your choice to interior designer instead of contractor this will depend on your choose of availability in your place. If you have the design intend in your mind and would like to maximise your dollar, just get a drywall partition contractor like us to give you a quote. Send us your floor plan or layout and we be able to provide you an estimate quote.

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Office Drywall Partition

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  1. renovati says:

    Do recommend the drywall partition is suitable for weather to install like Butterworth homestay house.

    • renovati says:

      The drywall partition that subject to weather is normally suitable. However, if the wall is not directly expose to rain and shine, you can consider use calcium silicate drywall board. Don’t forget to paint epoxy paint to protect the surface.

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