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Warehouse Reinstatement

The reinstatement of the warehouse is subjected to extend of the modification, alteration and additional work being carried out.

To reinstate the condition back to the original stated for warehouse unit are advisable to engaged a licensed builder to perform the reinstatement work such as :

  • Construct back reinforced concrete slab / beam / columns or any structure wall.
  • To obtain PE inspection ( COS) and drawings for any structural related work as part of handing over document.
  • Working at height activities such as painting at high ceiling, removal of fixtures pipes/ cable trunking etc that required scissor / boom lift .

Contact our sale team for more if you need a reinstatement services to restore your office/ warehouse/ shop back to original state or to your landlord. We provide no-obligation quotation and on-demand basic that suite your need.

Need to know more about reinstatement work being carried out in of the job at Tuas. Do send us your enquiry to or whatsapp 98583011.

Warehouse Reinstatement

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Warehouse Reinstatement

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