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Electrical Safety & Preventing Hazards

Electrical Safety & Preventing Hazards

No doubt that the threat of electrical hazards are important and priority if the home specially with children.

eletrical safety

All electrical appliances, devices, cords, switches, outlets, and sockets can pose threat of electrical shock, which can be dangerous and fatality. The devices and electrical shall be constantly maintain and routine check with electrician if there is and short circuiting and faulty occurred.

The installation of residual current device ( RCD) as a safety switch can be reduced the risk of an electric shock. The function of safety switch is to cut of the power supply within 0.03 of a second when it detects a fault in circuit or current leak.

There are some safe practice to prevent the hazards:

  • install the safety box on power socket on low wall to prevent children to contact
  • minimize or no power socket in bathroom. If can’t prevented, dry and wet compartment shall be well separated.
  • no electrical appliances such as hair dryer,  phones, electrical shaver near the bathtub or sink.
  •  Any scorch mark, torn sign, visible sign of damage on sockets, cables or power points, heard of buzzing sound, call electrician to check and get replace. Don’t attempt to repair it yourself if you are not trained.

For the building, the roof shall be installed lightning conducted with arrestor, metal water tank and air-con condensers also have to properly earth and ground it to prevent electrocuted.

The electrical safety prevention can be reviewed and improved in design and construction, however, the safe work practices at home by end users are equally playing an important role and to be educated to all family members.

Electrical Safety & Preventing Hazards

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