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Sourcing Material to renovate your house

Sourcing Material to Renovate A New House

Sourcing of building materials, fittings, furniture etc. to renovate the house are equally important for a builder, designer and even though the home owner. It is especially essential for the special items which may limited to specialist suppliers where it fit the needs or a client request.

They are wide options of material available in the market, and thanks to the good job of internet, it has made the sourcing easier than before which can be easily indent from oversea provided time is permitted for your project.

Sourcing with Purpose

Define the idea of material to be sourced and purpose of the ideas. Always keep mind open and accept some unexpected finding during the process. Stay open how it might be possible to introduce unusual materials or common materials used for uncommon applications. For example to look out of solid teak wood for the staircase plank, it can be changed to solid chengal wood due to commonly available in market.

Sourcing with Concept

Ask yourself what the ideas you are trying to bring and communicate. Explore the possibility of those ideas that match those ideas. The client may discuss with designer to intend to have unblock view on the balcony for their apartment, but still keep to ensure high security for the family and young children. The combination of the glass, metal, stainless steel rail, full view glass may be look appropriate to the designer, but it can be sophisticated outlook to the owner. By drafting the concept with illustration of different material combination can be a good way buy in the ideas.

Source first, Assembly the Ideas Later

In many cases, the material to be confirmed for the fittings, furniture etc. may not be able to support the main theme concept or may not be able to know during the time of sourcing.  Just source, record, and compile the materials, and to decide along the way of construction. The ideas and theme can be evolved and change along the ways of construction and needs or availability for certain material.


The process of sourcing may take time and effort if the specific features are so unique. And most of project and construction period is so short and not able to wait for the indent or shipment schedule. Therefore, the earlier of the sourcing time is important and allow for certain buffer for the miss delivery from the supplier side, and prepare for the alternative option is advisable. If the items are in critical path and the material is so special or require special order.

Place for Sourcing

The information and samples for the materials can be gathered from the local suppliers, gaining the knowledge by refer the magazines ( local & oversea), manufacturers & suppliers, attending the trade show etc. will definitely help on the process of  sourcing the ideas for your project or house. Request the sample and information by sending or email the catalogues, specification and product description respectively.


Sourcing Material to renovate your house

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