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Thinking to Renovate Your Bathroom ?

Thinking to Renovate Your Bathroom ?

Renovate Bathroom

Thinking to remodel your bathroom or powder rooms? Be it your new home or the house that stay more than decade or even a just renovated 5 years back. Just have a quick thinking or planning before decide to start the hacking work.




1. Scouting for Ideas

You can do a search on bathrooms design on internet, magazines, drop by show house or pay a visit to ID firms to gather ideas for the themes that you interested.

2. Colour scheme for the tiles

After have the ideas of design intent, start choosing whether going for contemporary design, tropical or fancy colour scheme that you prefer.

3. Type of tiles finishes

Decide the type of tiles that you prefer such as marble, granite, homogenous tiles, ceramic tiles or bare cement rendering that suit your theme and colour scheme that preferred.

4. Option of the Design

Ask the contractor/ Interior designer/ tile suppliers to recommend different type of combination and option available base on your ideas. The work may involve with your size of bathroom, fixtures of sanitary, heater location etc. with your contractor. Thereafter, shortlist the option and request for the next.

5. Quotation

Yup. Get a quote base on your shortlisted proposal and design. If the quote is right and within your budget, here you are, you can to start your remodeling or renovation for your new bathroom/s.

With more planning and gathering ideas before start awarding the contract or project can save you hassle for finish the work by the designer/ contractor with not up to your expectation.  If you have budget, you may consider to engage a project management personnel to advise, supervisor and monitor the work being renovated is up to you expectation, and the ideas bathroom that you intended.


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Thinking to Renovate Your Bathroom ?




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