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Paint the Metal Gate or Grill

How To Repaint or Painting the Metal Gate or Grill

Many HDB owners or land owners will have metal gate or grill that long ago painted and need for improvement of the look. As the metal grill is open and close daily, the high usage and prominent gate should easly wear off and require repainting work over the year.If the gate and grill is still sound and thinking to repaint and wonder how to repaint it yourself or getting someone ?

HDB metal grill

You may consider to get the below tips right how to repaint it and do it yourself or engage a experience Painter to do it on your behalf.

1. Preparation Work for Metal Gate or Grill Painting

: Checking the surface and condition

Is the paint surface and metal gate or grill are in good condition? Any rusty surface or paint peeling off? If the answer is yes, you might need to remove or scrap off the loose paint and rusty location properly. It can be done in localise or remove the existing paint entirely with paint remover agent.

2. Clean the Surface of the Gate/ Grill

The surface of the metal gate shall be clean properly and free of stain, dust or oil. After the loose paint has been removed, use sandpaper to sand down accordingly.

3. Apply Primer ( Zinc- Chromate) to Gate/ Grill

If the existing paint surface is rusty or after remove the paint, the expose metal is exposed, do apply one coat of primer to protect and corrosion-resistance the metal surface.

4. Apply Acrylic Oil Paint ( Gloss) to Gate/ Grill

Select the colour you want and apply the acrylic oil paint with brush or paint roller on the surface.

5. Curing Time ( Wet Paint)

Do allow surface curing time, minimum of 4 hours for the wet paint period. Stop others to touch the wet paint.



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